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Lady Dhamarov

The Light shines brightest in the darkest of places.

It is in one of these tenebrous places that I was born. Surik is not, by its nature, dark. However, because it is a cultural hub for our world, it draws many people to it for a plethora of reasons and with these people come a hundred thousand wants and needs, desires and despairs. With them comes desperation and envy and greed, and in the wake of all these things, shadow.


I grew up in the embrace of old money, and even older is the family name - Dhamarov. If you run in circles of politics and power, it is a name you know well; if not, count yourself among the blessed few who have not been touched by the sins of these circles. We were raised to be a Dahkoar-fearing family, and I have chosen this phrase quite deliberately: "Dahkoar-fearing." Much of the family's success can be attributed to our connections to and within the Lord's faith, and His words are branded forever in my heart and mind. Dominance suits well the Dhamarov line. They seek it in all things. So from a very young age, His words and His will were ingrained quite forcefully into my being.

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