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You see a female human,

The portrait of refinement, both in mien and in visage, this young woman carries herself with the sort of carefully cultivated elegance that pays homage to a most elevated pedigree. However compact she may be, for she barely reaches five and a half feet in height, her silhouette is graced all the same by ample curvature. The flesh that adorns her figure is pale and smooth as porcelain, and youth has exhaled a gentle blush of rose along high cheekbones. Set upon that alabaster canvas is a pair of wide eyes, so tenebrous in color that only the most ardent of sunlight is victorious in revealing hues of sapphire within her gaze. A pert nose lends an air of playfulness to her features, matched by crimson lips prone to smiles both impish and sweet in equal measure. Crowning her head are perfectly groomed curls of obsidian, the lustrous tresses falling to the small of her back. If her locks are woven from the essence of midnight, then her skin is moonglow, creating a synergy between dark and light. 

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